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– Comprehensive Item Definition
– Comprehensive Categories Definition (Unlimited levels)
– Comprehensive Stores Definition (Unlimited levels)
– Comprehensive Supplier Definition
– Comprehensive Customer Definition
– Comprehensive Salesman Definition
– Comprehensive Shipping Companies Definition
– Comprehensive Transport Locations Definition
– Comprehensive Quality Tests Definition
– Comprehensive Quality Tests Results Definition
– Comprehensive Departments Definition
– Comprehensive Items Units Definition
– Purchase Requests
– Purchase Requests Verification and Acceptance
– Departments Requisitions
– Purchase Orders
– Return Purchase Orders
– Purchase Orders Items checking and posting
– Request for Quotations
– Purchase Quotations
– Best Quote selection
– Best Quote based on grand total, prices, origin, conditions fulfillment, delivery dates, etc…
– Direct Purchase
– Return Direct Purchase
– Review Supplier’s minimum and last order per item
– Managing Contracts
– Contracts Archiving and Status Control
– Suppliers Information.
– Shipments Status and Follow-up
– Partial Shipment Handling.
– Multiple Currencies.
– Flexible Item Receiving.
– Detailed and timely information of all imported items.
– Tracking for all incoming shipment schedules.
– Integration with Inventory Module.
– Maintain all shipping records.
– To be closed shipments
– Expected shipment and delays
– Flexible Inventory Management
– Item Grouping and Extensive Item Categorization
– Review Item’s minimum and last price per supplier
– Items Cost/Sell Price
– Items Movements and Transfers
– +/- Stock Updates
– On-Line inquiry of available stock in blocks
– On-Line inquiry of all types of daily and historical transactions
– Comprehensive Daily and Historical transactions follow-up (Arrival, Block Entries, items transfer, etc.)
– Stores Control (Open, Closed, Pass, Failed)
– Stocktaking (Per Item, per Batch)
– Stocktaking follow-up and Comparison
– Integrated with the Inventory Module
– Products definitions
– Ordering Raw Materials Orders
– Recipes, Filling recipes
– Maintaining historical recipes with recipes versions tracking
– Creating an infinite number of versions of the same recipe
– Preparing Recipe before production (virtual production)
– Creating Recipes based on materials percentages or quantities
– Creating Filling Recipes based on filling materials percentages or quantities
– Production Processes based on recipes
– Measuring loss, net weight, rework, no. of bags, etc.
– Daily Work Tracking
– Raw material Usage
– Withdrawn Raw Materials Usage
– Include filling and packaging of finished products
– Specifying Stores for raw materials ordering (Open/Close)
– Production Runs (Basic)
– Mass Production (Multi-products and packaging)
– Manufacturing Finished Products to multi-stores
– Automatic withdrawal of Filling Materials from stores (covers, cans, etc.)
– Filling Manufacturing Details (Filling Quantity, Actual Quantity, Number of Batches, etc.)
– Generating Batches for each manufacturing process
– Production Stores Allocation
– Report Operation Details
– Quality Control through Production. (Monitor and Modify)
– Confirmation of Production order and post reserved raw materials
– Entering Finished Products specifications with comparisons to standard QC specifications
– Expected Needed Quantities
– Planning based on past or future years planning
– Loading from previous months planning based on specific percentage
– Materials Requirements Planning (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months
– Specify Items to be included in the Materials Requirements Planning
– Generate Materials Requirements Planning Report
– Raw material requirements based on sales orders and comparisons with current stock
– Batch Backtracking based on items codes and Runs
– Allow Traceability based on the finished product Batch Number(Process, Raw materials, suppliers)
– Forward Tracking of raw materials through runs (Processes, sales, customers)
– Stock Control
– Finished Product Production Recipe
– Items definition and items grouping
– Finished Product Tests
– Finished Product Specifications standards
– Raw Material Quality Check
– Finished Products Quality Check
– Rework Quality Check
– Pass/ Fail criteria
– Pending criteria with allowed quantities
– Record and manage data related to the material quality
– Records quality test results
– Items Specifications
– Daily Work check
– Posting Raw materials Ordering
– Posting Manufacturing Processes
– Entering customers info and the farms for each customer
– Migration of farms data for customers from the section system to the Sales system
– Define Infinite number of Salesmen
– Define Infinite number of locations and transportation cost
– Sales Quotations (Offer)
– Issuing Sales orders (Order Code, Order Date, etc.)
– Sales Orders (Export)
– Managing orders status (Closed, Open)
– Orders printing forms
– Multiple outbound for same order (Unlimited number of outbound per order)
– Integration with inventory module + veterinary system
– Allow selection unlimited number of batches per item per outbound
– Checking availability of quantities in stock
– Order Archive + Orders Search
– Sales Returns
– Sales Orders Alarms
– Invoices
– Retail
– Sales reports per item, location, salesman, customer, period
– Statistics per year, week, month, quarter
– Indicators showing the relativity of quantities and prices for all items (Arabic and English Reports)
– Sales Comparisons and charts