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We design solutions based on penetrating hands-on research, surpassing the restrictions of conference calls and the confinements of meeting rooms.

Regardless of location or industry, we’ll be onsite dissecting production lines, picking the brains of employees and poking around offices. This one-on-one approach helps us develop a unique sense of local understanding, to enrich the design process, solve glitches and help successfully integrate our software into any business.

With us, you can trust that each and every element designed is tailor made to address a precise issue; we accept nothing more and will do nothing less. We value your money and our time.


    School Management Systems
    Learning Management System (LMS)
    Mobile Classroom Management (iOS, Android, Windows, Web, Chrome Packaged Apps)
    School App
    Parents App
    Principal App
    Staff App
    Students App

    Hotel Management System (FrontOffice + BackOffice)
    Food and Beverage Costing
    POS Systems
    Travel Agencies Management System
    Inbound Tour Operators Systems

    Our Software Modules cover several manufacturing/assembling sectors like Food, pharmaceuticals, Animal health, electronics.
    MRP Modules
    Planning Modules
    Jobs Tracking and Costing Module

    TSU provides specialized software for the food and poultry industry.
    Our Products include:
    -Poultry Management System (Breeders)
    -Poultry Management System (Layers)
    -Poultry Management System (Broilers)
    -Poultry Management System (GrandParents)
    -Hatchery Systems
    -Diary Farms Management System
    -Mobile Management Module

    Hospital Management System
    Reception and Admission
    Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
    Practice Management System
    Pharmacy System
    Optics System
    IPads Integration
    Medical Record Archiving System

    ERP Readiness Check
    IT Infrastructure consultancy
    IT Audit
    Systems Analysis Services
    Systems Implementation Services