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Farah Shnoudi


Over 45 years of experience in IT Training and Software companies management.

Founded his first training center in the 70’s focusing on communications and early computer systems.

Founded SCCC in 1982 for IT Training Services. Founded STC (Shnoudi Trading Co.) in 1982 which was rebranded in 2012 to ‘The Solutions Unit’.

Memeber of several committess and boards of NGOs.

Ghada Rashad

Technical Team Leader

BS in computer Science

11 years of delvelopment and team leading experience.

Worked as the Team Leader for the CMMI L3 Project .

Firas Barakat

Mobile and Web Devloper

Experience and Passion to turn anything into a mobile app.

Haneen Khalil

Software Developer

Software Development

Nabil Shnoudi

Senior Business Consultant

With Over thirty years of experience in Financial Accounting, Systems Analysis, IT infrastructure and Training.

Rana Mutlaq

Senior Software Engineer

Over 7 years of experience in Desktop, Web and mobile development.

Responsible for the CMMI Practices.

Osama Shnoudi

Support Manager

Support Manager with over 20 years of experience

Mayada Farraj

Network Engineer

Network Engineer

Senior Tech Support

Nicola Albouri

Software Developer

Software Developer


Project Manager

MSc Computer Science from the University of Jordan. 13 years of experience in software development, project management and infrstucture consultancy.

Overlooking TSU Projects. Initiated and sponsored the CMMI Project. Worked as a developer, software engineer, technical team leader and business development manager .

Worked with over 10 different industries including manufacturing, agribusiness, manufacturing and Education.

Founded the TSU Education Unit overlooking the Mobile Education Platforms.

Eyad Shnoudi

Technical Team Leader

8 years of experience in ERP and HRMS systems development

Faris Asfour

Systems Analyst

Systems Analysis and Quality  Control

Muna Samaan

Office Manager

Our Office Manager